No. 5
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Lesen in der Fremdsprache: Zum Leseprozeß und zum Einsatz der Lesefertigkeit im Fremdsprachenunterricht

After an introduction on reading research and an explanation of how memory processes language, the reading process is described with the help of data from cognitive psychology focussing on phonological recording, word recognition, priming, syntactic analyses and, fort he semantic level, schema theory, inference and mental models. This is followed by a discussion of interactive and modular processing. The second part deals with data and theories on the foreign language reading process, especially with the bilingual lexicon, word recognition, syntactic and semantic analysis. On the basis of these data some conclusions for teaching reading in a foreign language are drawn, followed by proposals for classroom work and suggestions for exercises.

Seite 36-77, Heft 2/1994, Band 5