No. 4
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Der C-Test. Grundlagentheoretische und anwendungsbezogene Untersuchungen

This article describes a long-standing research project at the University of Bochum. The project, which will be completed in 1994, deals with the theoretical basis and practical applicability of the C-test – a special variant of the cloze procedure. The main focus is on the investigation of the mental processes involved in solving a C-test. The methods used include introspective procedures such as thinking aloud and retrospective interviews, a propositional analysis of the unmutilated C-texts, and an analysis of the strategies utilized in the problem solving process. In addition, issues such as the applicability of the C-test principle to typologically different languages (e.g. German, Italian, Japanese, Chinese) and the effect of various scoring methods on the properties of the C-test are explored.

Seite 77-87, Heft 2/1993, Band 4