No. 20
Bildungsstandards für die Erste Fremdsprache: Sprachenpolitik auf unsicherer Basis

Antwort auf das Positionspapier der DGFF

In ZFF 2/2008, the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Fremdsprachenforschung (DGFF = German society for foreign language research) has published a statement in support of the German Educational Standards for the First Foreign Language. In this paper we will try to show that there is a major flaw in the underpinnings of these standards which raises the question whether they are an acceptable instument for the political decisions in the field of standard setting and evaluation at all. Since the standards they set are based on the Common European Framework's (CEF) reference levels A2 and B1, we have summarized a number of critical points made with regard to these levels, which all point at major inconsistencies in the system of branching and scaling laid out in the CEF. As an answer to the DGFF's statement we hold the view that the use of the CEF's reference levels for standard setting in the German educational system was premature and possibly a most unfortunate mistake.

Seite 63-89, Heft 1/2009, Band 20