No. 19
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Interkulturelle Kompetenz bei Französischlernern. Eine explorative Studie mit Schülern der Jahrgangsstufe 10

Intercultural competence is seen as an important objective of foreign language learning, not only in the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages, but also in modern-day German Educational Standards (KMK 2003). However there is a lack of studies which,  on the one hand, prove empirically the adequacy of intercultural educational objectives with regard to adolescents and, on the other hand, which endeavour to evaluate the intercultural competence of pupils learning foreign languages in secondary schools. The present paper reports on a qualitative study with tenth.grade pupils in which the pupils had to assess critical incidents. While the focus of the article is on the data analysis, based on the standard procedures and techniques of Qualitative Content Analysis (Mayring 2003), the methodology and design of the study will also be presented. The paper concludes with first research findings, concerning the observed facets of intercultural competence.

Seite 273-296, Heft 2/2008, Band 19