No. 19
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Englischdidaktik im Spiegel neuer Einführungswerke: ein thematischer Vergleich

Since the turn of the millennium a vast number of introductory readers to teaching English as a foreign language have been published in Germany. Apart from a description of the contents of each of these textbooks, this paper offers a topical cross-section analysis. Central aspects of this analysis are the history of approaches to English language teaching, intercultural learning and the understanding of language and its functions, perspectives on the teacher as well as the teaching of literature. The close topical comparison unfolds the assumptions presented in each text and, as a result, shed light on the prevailing approaches and diverging positions in English as a Foreign Language Pedagogy. In addition, two general introductions to foreign language teaching are analysed in order to reveal similarities and differences in teaching one particular language, i.e. English, and foreign language teaching in general.

Seite 83-120, Heft 1/2008, Band 19