No. 17
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Sichtweisen von Lernenden und Lehrenden auf blended language learning (BLL)

This paper presents a research project investigating, primarily, learners' and teachers' views on blended learning (BL) in foreign language learning and teaching, as well as the relation-ship between computer-assisted language learning (CALL) and the development of learner autonomy. The study was conducted at the University of Münster (Germany); the data was collected from semi-structured interviews (primary data) and questionnaires. Students and teachers reflected on their experience in blended French and Spanish classes.


This paper. a first step, sketches the theoretical background of the research project. Sec­ondly, it presents the overall research design, offering transparency with regard to its genesis, development, and research context. Finally, it discusses issues related to the use of method and data triangulation. The paper concludes by emphasizing the usefulness of such a methodological approach, as it allowed for an in-depth exploration of learners' and teach­ers' views on the blended language learning (BLL) environment under investigation.

Seite 99-112, Heft 1/2006, Band 17