No. 13
Rezension zu „Erika Diehl et al. (2000): Grammatikunterricht: Alles für der Katz?“

This book is a highly complex and rich description and discussion of the results of a research project carried out between 1995 and 1997 at schools in Geneva. Methodologically, it is a mixture of longitudinal and cross-sectional research. The focus of the project is on the acquisition and learning of German as a Foreign Language. Initially 300, later 230, pupils were involved. Over a two-year period, several written texts from each pupil were collected. The research group have described and analysed the development of sentence forms, verb morphology, case morphology, plural morphology and gender markings. Interesting results are presented, and possible consequences for language teaching are discussed.

Seite 187-199, Heft 2/2002, Band 13